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YX MAGNETIC SA Strong points

  1. 5 litersautomatic production lines 

  2. More than 40 years of experience and research and development

  3. More than 10 different types 

  4. Water recycling and environmental protection

Types of application

At present, the company has adapted various multi-coating electroplating production lines, including galvanizing, tinning, nickel plating, phosphating, electrophoresis and all 10 kinds of surface protection plating.

Choose a type for your magnets

Click on this link to download the Excel version.

YX Magnet attaches great importance to environmental protection and is committed to the sustainable development of its corporate philosophy. YX has more than 5 automatic plating lines and will continue to improve.

Environmental Protection

Water treatment system

Automatic Super Rare Earth Magnet Coating Line

When to choose surface protection?

1. NdFeB type permanent magnet – coating or plating is required.

2. For the worst application environments for all kinds of permanent magnets, such as SMCO, ALNICO, aluminum alloy.

3. When the permanent magnet needs to be welded with another part.


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