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Laser Cutting


Prototype Rapide - RAPID PROTOTYPE





Test prototype ideas and mass production

Construct representations of ideas

Sharpen key questions and create solutions

Learn more about the customer

What is a prototype?

Prototyping is letting an idea or concept become reality or verifying that the concept is unfeasible and we need to modify it.

What does it have to do with a prototype?

  1. High cost

  2. Long lead time

  3. Non supplier to cooperate

Why is it called rapid prototype?

  1. To verify that your idea or concept is reliable quickly

  2. To shorten the time of realization of your prototype

  3. To reduce your costs with an adapted method

What materials can YX MAGNETIC work with?

  1. Permanent magnets - NEODYMIUM IRON BORON MAGNETS

  2. Permanent magnets - SAMARIUM COBALT MAGNETS

  3. Magnetic assemblies with permanent magnets

  4. Plastic

  5. Metal


Which methods:

  1. CNC machining

  2. 3D printing

  3. wire cut

  4. Laser cut

Unique solution – for your own product


We mainly do all kinds of custom magnet assemblies, providing customers with one-stop service from prototype to mass production.

We provide professional technical support for the concept and improve the design for customers.


Provide your idea, even the idea is not own, YX MAGNETIC will be by your side to offer you the solution from start to finish.


Contact YX MAGNETIC to make your idea a reality!

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