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YX MAGNETIC SA offers different types of High μi and low loss ferrites. Ferrite material is made of non-metallic magnetic material with dense and homogeneous ceramic structure with low coercivity, also known as soft ferrite or soft magnetic materials according to your personal needs, we have suggested the most suitable materials for you. more suitable for operating frequency, circuit system and off capacity. Since power supplies for network system equipment and automobile had to be further downsized and more efficient, power supplies using the next-generation power semiconductor devices efficient for high-frequency operation have become more convenient and available. As part of this trend, magnetic cores and materials for transformers and inductors that can accommodate such high-frequency operating devices are desired.

  • Manganese zinc ferrite (MnZn)

  • High frequencies

  • High permeability (µ')

  • Induction levels at high saturation

  • High resistivity

  • High temperature applications

YXMAG-Household appliances MnZn Ferrite - high permeability ferrite – Grade YX-5500.png

Features and application

Although the saturation magnetic flux density of soft ferrite materials is lower than that of other soft magnetic materials, soft ferrite materials have high electrical resistance and therefore have outstanding magnetic properties at high frequencies.


Soft ferrite materials can be shaped into various geometries and used for a wide range of applications. With the optimization of the mixing ratio of major compounds and trace elements, and the combination of the analysis-based sintering process of hysteresis, eddy current loss analysis and original annealing technique, we can realize low core loss ferrite materials.


The main purpose of ferrite core is to use for manufacturing various inductors, transformers, filters and chokes, which are widely used in modern electronic information fields, such as computers and their peripheral equipment, office automation equipment, digital communication and analog communication equipment, Internet, household appliances, electromagnetic compatibility equipment, green lighting, industrial automation and the automotive, aeronautical, aerospace and military fields.

Ferrite MnZn high permeability ferrite

Ferrite MnZn high permeability ferrite

Aviation Ferrite MnZn Low core loss high saturation - grade YX-3800

Ferrite MnZn Low Core Loss High Saturation YX-3800

Digital communication - Ferrite MnZn power ferrite

MnZn Power Ferrite -


Industrial automation - MnZn Ferrite - high permeability ferrite -Grade YX-10000

Ferrite MnZn - high permeability ferrite - Grade YX-10000


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  1. Other qualities or grades on low thermal coefficient magnets, please contact us for details.  

  2. The value of the characteristics of the materials is a typical value. Please contact YX MAGNETIC SA for more information in your order or agreement.

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