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YX MAGNETIC SA Advantages: 

  1. The maximum size of the YX MAGNETIC block can produce 130mm x 100mm x 70mm with full magnetization, 70 is the maximum dimension for the magnetization direction. 

  2. We are able to offer mass production for high quality N55 with (BH) Max 52-55 MGOe.

  3. The highest working temperature is 220 degrees.

  4. We offer high precision for the medical field, watchmaking, etc.

  5. We offer silicon coated magnets.

  6. We provide the necessary coatings.



NdFeB magnets have some limitations due to their corrosive behavior. In humid applications, a protective coating is highly recommended. Coatings which have been used successfully include epoxy coating, nickel plating and combinations of these coatings. YX Magnetic SA (YXMAG) also has the capability to apply Parylene coating to neo magnets.

YXMAG - NDFEB Radial Ring magnets.png

NDFEB radial ring

- Multipolar magnet, asymmetrical

- Better mechanical precision

Automotive - NdFeB magnets

Automotive – NiCuNi coating - grade N35UH

Epoxy Coating - Custom Design Shape - 48H Grade

Epoxy Coating - Custom Design Shape - 48H Grade

NDFEB MAGNETS Parylène - grade N52, N50SH. NdFeB MAGNET coating - grade N52, N50SH

Medical - NICUNI Parylene coating - grade N52, N50SH

NICUNI coating - grade N52, N50SH - NdFeB magnets

Domestic application - NICUNI coating - grade N52, N50SH

NICUNI coating - custom design shape - grade N50SH

NICUNI coating - custom design shape - grade N50SH

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB/Neo)
magnets Catalog

Click this link to download the full version.

  1. Further qualities or grade on low thermal coefficient magnets, please contact us for more details. 

  2. The maximum operating temperature depends on the magnet's dimensions and its final applications. We recommend keeping a margin of safety in materials selection.

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