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Industrial Printing


- Automation of production and inspection
- In-house production and coating

- Complete supplier

- Full test after assembly

Tests fonctionel - rotor balancing , magnetic flux test

Rotor balancing

1. Analysis of vibration profiles in relation to the rotation of mechanical elements
2. Characterization of the weight distribution of inconsistencies around the diameter
3. Calculation of the number and position of weights needed to compensate for the net imbalance
4. Meet requirements by adding and removing or using both

Technologie de test

Geometric tests

1. Length measurement, measurement of form and position tolerances, free form measurement
2. Contour comparison (target-actual comparison)
3. Gear measurement
4. Measure against a CAD dataset

Magnetic flux test

1. Records the maximum magnetic field value of all poles, including max, min and ave
2. Records all max, min and ave angles
3. Measures the magnetic field after assembly

4. Test any motor rotor or stator magnetic field distribution, to determine magnetic field homogeneity

Magnetic flux equipement

Magnetic tests

1. Determination of magnetic characteristics (Br, HcB, HcJ, BH (max), Hknee, HD5 and others) in a temperature range from -40 ° C to + 200 ° C
2. Determination of the magnetic dipole moment j, the operating point Ja, as well as the angular accuracy of the preferential direction and the magnetization direction
3. Measurement of surface flux densities Bx; by; Bz, determination of the pitch error of multipole magnets

Magnetic tests
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