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YX MAGNETIC SA Advantages: 

  1. The maximum YX MAGNETIC block size is 130mm x 80mm x 50mm with full magnetization, 50 being the maximum dimension for magnetization direction. 

  2. We are able to offer mass production for high quality YXG-33H magnets with (BH)max 30-33MGOe.

  3. We offer magnets with a magnetic deviation of less than 3 degrees.

  4. Mass production with planar multi-poles for Sm1Co5, magnetization thickness is less than 6mm.

YX MAGNETIC SA - Permanent magnet - SmCo magnet - irregular Magnet.png
Production process.png

Magnet SmCo1:5

SmCo1-5 Magnet.png
  1. The maximum range (BH) is 16 to 25 MGOe, the maximum working temperature is 250oC.

  2. The physical characteristics and ductility of SmCo5 are better than those of Sm2Co17. Thus, the Smco5 is slightly easier to machine. 

  3. Compared to the magnetic field, SmCo5 is lower than Sm2Co17, a magnetic field of 40,000 gauss can be saturated.


  1. The maximum range (BH) is 20 to 35MGOe. The maximum working temperature is 350oC.

  2. Sm2Co17 has an extremely low temperature coefficient and preferably anti-causticity. 

  3. It is not necessary to coat it because it is difficult to erode and oxidize it.

Sintered Samarium Cobalt (SM1CO5/SM2CO17) magnets Catalog

Click link to download the full version.

  1. Further qualities or grade on low thermal coefficient magnets, please contact us for more details. 

  2. The maximum operating temperature depends on the magnet's dimensions and its final applications. We recommend keeping a margin of safety in materials selection.

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