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Rare earth magnets normally have a strong field, so proper packaging becomes essential.

YX Magnetic SA provides your own packing mode according to your needs:

  • The packaging is a production for your product  

  • The packaging is designed for your auto assembly line. 

  • The packaging facilitates the transfer of the products to your customer.

Standard packaging

YX Magnetic packaging_1.png
YX Magnetic packaging_2.png
YX Magnetic packaging_3.png
YX Magnetic packaging_4.jpg

Custom packaging

YX Magnetic packaging_tube.png

Packaging of plastic tubes

YX Magnetic packaging_case.png

Packaging with case

YX Magnetic packaging_line.jpg

Packaging for automatic production lines

YX Magnetic packaging_skin.png

Skin packaging

YX Magnetic packaging_eva.png

Packaging with EVA

YX Magnetic packaging_delevery.png

Packaging for delivery

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