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YX MAGNETIC offers application-oriented magnetic system analysis, magnetic field simulation, prototyping, testing services and mass production.

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YX MAGNETIC SA : excellence in magnetic systems
  • Advanced Simulation: we employ advanced modeling techniques and simulations for precise material selection in magnetic systems.

  • Strategic Optimization: our team optimizes magnetic systems for peak performance, focusing on ideal dimensions and properties.

  • Rapid Prototyping: we accelerate development with rapid prototyping, enabling quick testing and validation.

  • Precision Solutions: our precision magnetic solutions cater to the medical, watchmaking, and industrial sectors.

  • Comprehensive Assembly: we offer complete assembly services for magnetic systems, ensuring end-to-end solutions.

You have an idea, a problem

We offer the solution

​Foundation of Zhoushan Donggang Electronic Components Factory. Silver plating treatment.

Development of the electroplating process for NdFeB magnets.

Expanded and renamed to: Ningbo Yinqiu Electronic Components Factory. Dedicated to the production of permanent magnets.

Foundation of YX Magnetic SA in Sierre, Switzerland. Develop European and American markets to provide customers with technical support.

First supplier of NdFeB magnets for Apple Inc.

Complete automation of electroplating production lines. Leader in the magnetic industry sector.

Complete automation of magnet control and packaging.

Continuously increase and improve the permanent magnet assembly automation line.

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