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Kit with 8Fun DPC18 display

This electric bike kit includes everything you need to convert your standard bike into a high-end electric bike that delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

You will cruise at 25 km / h without sweating!

1) Pedal motor
2) Right and left cranks
3) Tray and tray protector
4) DP C18 screen & screws
5) Assembly accessories
6) Brake Handle Fittings (Speed Sensor + Magnet)
7) Gear change sensor
8) Hydraulic disc brake system (front and rear)
9) Lithium Battery - HL 36 V 13 Ah Charger

Indicative price with VAT
1 pieces
CHF 1'200.00/pc EUR 1'140.00/pc
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List of components for YX-EB-Kit DPC18 :
ID No Art. Qty. Description
1 YX-1118000000113 1SET Pedal motor (Length of crankset 68 mm)
BAFANG BBS 02B - 36 V 500 W – 120 Nm & 40 km/h
EB-BUS YX-2105020000073 IP 65 waterproof cable
2 YX-1327010000001 1PCS Right hand crank - 8FUN AC08-2 R
YX-1327020000001 1PCS Left Hand Crank - 8FUN AC08-2 L
3 YX-1326010000001 1PCS 8FUN Tray Protector
YX-1325010000001 1PCS Tray CW-46T
4 YX-2102021900017 1PCS Screen BAFANG DP C18  & Screws
5 YX-3100905500004 1SET Accessories assemblies
6 YX-2106050000005 1SET Couplings brake handles
Speed sensor + magnet
7 YX-2107770456005 1PCS Shift Sensor
8 YX-1478010000001 1SET SHIMANO BR-M355 (integrated brake sensor)
Hydraulic disc brake system (front and rear)
9 YX-3107057700008 1PCS Lithium Battery - HL 36V 13Ah (Samsung Cellular)
YX-3107057700007 Charger (Swiss plug)