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Halbach network

A Halbach grating is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that increases the magnetic field on one side of the grating while canceling the field so that it is close to zero on the other side. You can concentrate or increase more magnetic field by using less magnets.
If you want to know the characteristics and applications of a Halbach network, a more complete description, in English, can be found on our website:


1. Magnetic field with sinusoidal distribution, the more magnets there are in a pole, the more perfect the sinusoidal distribution is.

Advantages :

1. Reduce the motor harmonic

2. Increase the motor air gap

3. Increased use of the magnetic field






2.  Reinforce the magnetic field




Reinforce the magnetic field

One side of the assembly is the strong magnetic surface and the other is the weak magnetic surface.


It can use non-ferromagnetic materials as shafts in motor applications.

Acts on magnetic shielding

On a strong magnetic surface, the permeability of the magnetic lines will be enhanced.

Longer adsorption distance

Enhances the magnetic force on the strong magnetic surface, with a better positioning effect.

Enhance the magnetic force

Precise position of the adsorber



  1. Aluminum motor shell and shaft (motor weight reduction)

  2. Permanent magnet magnetic concentrator

  3. Anti-theft loop unlocker for goods

  4. External keyboard magnetic bar

  5. Uniform magnetic field with high magnetic field (over 1.5T)

  6. High resistance magnetic vacuum cleaner

  7. Magnetic positioning device

  8. New permanent magnet motor