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Tiny - Precise - Complex

The stepper motor commonly used in quartz clocks is the two-pole dual eccentric stepper motor, which is one of the common stepper motors used in quartz clocks. The stator plates are separated on the left and right sides, and precise positioning is achieved using positioning pins. The rotor rotates in a certain direction due to the irregular gap generated by eccentricity, ensuring reliable operation.

The rotor is made of permanent magnet steel and is radially magnetized into N and S poles. As the stator is split left and right, when the coil is energized, the magnetic field of the stator does not create a short circuit, resulting in low motor losses, stable rotation and reliable operation.

Strength of YX MAGNETIC SA:

  • More than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of permanent magnets.

  • Specialization inSmCo magnets, preferred in the watch industry for their properties.

  • Production of pupsmicromagnets Exquisite with micro-tolerance for high precision.

  • Ability to producesmall and large precision magnets.

  • Implementation of aautomatic dimension control for consistent quality.

Projects we have served:

  • Magnet integrated into Quartz movements

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