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Permanent magnets are used in a wide range of applications across various industries, includingautomobile,aerospace,manufacturing of motors and pumps,health,watchmaking,consumer electronics and sports equipment, among others. These magnets are essential for improving both the intelligence and performance of the applications in which they are used.

Capacities of YX MAGNETIC SA:

  • Over forty years of specialized experience in the manufacture of permanent magnets

  • Expertise in design and assembly permanent magnets with dynamic balancing, including subtractive or additive methods.

  • Adapted tailor-made bonding solutions at different temperature ranges and environmental conditions.

  • Advanced production of one-piece rotors to enhance sustainability.

  • Competence in rotor engineering Halbach for superior magnetic performance.

  • Innovation in injection molded composite componentsfor various magnetic applications.

  • Use of high-level dust-free roomsfor precision and cleanliness during assembly processes.


helth care.png

Health care

The use of magnets in surgical instruments is not uncommon and can serve a variety of purposes.



Magnets are an essential part of modern automotive design, making many components lighter, more efficient and reliable.



Eccentric, bipolar stepper motor for quartz clocks, with separate stator and positioning pins for reliable and precise rotation.

Electronic device.png

Electronic device - 3C

Magnets are widely used in 3C products for various applications.

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