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Small - Inteligent - Smooth

Magnets are an essential part of modern automotive design, making many components lighter, more efficient and reliable.

Strength of YX MAGNETIC SA:

  • Custom Glue Solutions : specializing in creating custom adhesives for unique applications and harsh environments.

  • Expertise in Magnet Assembly : skillfully balancing magnets and performing flux tests to ensure optimal performance.

  • Monoblock Rotors : manufacturing of robust rotors, in one piece, offering greater durability and longevity.

  • Critical Cleanliness Testing : carrying out in-depth tests to maintain the quality of the magnets and prevent contamination.

  • Competence in Halbach Rotor Engineeringfor Superior Magnetic Performance.

Projects we have served:

  • Magnetic Clutches

  • Transmission Systems

  • Automotive Expansion Valve

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