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Max magnetic forceimale - Ideal forur high performance applications

Sintered NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron) magnets are among the most powerful permanent magnets available today. They exhibit high magnetic properties and are widely used in various applications.

The GBD process improves the magnetic properties at the grain boundaries of the magnet. This is particularly important in applications where magnets must operate at high temperatures or under high risks of demagnetization, such as in electric vehicle motors and wind turbines.

This technology represents a significant advancement in magnet manufacturing, enabling more efficient use of rare earth materials while maintaining or improving the performance characteristics of NdFeB magnets.


Advantages YX MAGNETIC SA :

Manufacturing process : The product is machined directly from a solid block, which generally means no mold costs are required for creating prototypes.


Expertise in (BH)MAX 58 magnets: Providing a remarkable (BH) Max of 58 MGOe suitable for cutting-edge applications with GBD Process

  • High temperature performance: Magnets maintain optimal performance up to 220 degrees Celsius.

  • Attention to detail : Precision in production to meet the demanding standards of the medical and watch industries.

  • Specialized silicone layer : A range of coatings available, including silicone for added protection.

  • Custom magnetic assemblies : Complete solutions for leaders in manufacturing, healthcare, watches and sports.

YXMAG - NDFEB Radial Ring magnets.png

NDFEB radial ring

- Multipolar magnet, asymmetrical

- Better mechanical precision

Automotive - NdFeB magnets


– NiCuNi coating

- Grade N35UH

Epoxy Coating - Custom Design Shape - 48H Grade

Epoxy coating

- Custom design shape

- Grade 48H


NdFeB Magnet with GBD Process

- Operate under significant risks of demagnetization

- Grades 54UH, 50EH

Click othis link to download the GBD Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB/Neo) magnets Catalog

NDFEB MAGNETS Parylène - grade N52, N50SH. NdFeB MAGNET coating - grade N52, N50SH


- NICUNI Parylene coating

- Grade N52, N50SH

NICUNI coating - grade N52, N50SH - NdFeB magnets

Domestic application

- NICUNI coating

- Grade N52, N50SH

NICUNI coating - custom design shape - grade N50SH

NICUNI coating

- Custom design shape

- Grade N50SH

Catalog of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets
Grain Boundary Diffused Grades (GBD)

Click this link to download the full version.

  1. Further qualities or grade on low thermal coefficient magnets, please contact us for more details. 

  2. The maximum operating temperature depends on the magnet's dimensions and its final applications. We recommend keeping a margin of safety in materials selection.

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