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The laminated magnet consists of cutting the whole magnet into many small pieces of magnet, then using a specific glue to bind them together. These small magnets are insulated from each other and help reduce electromagnetic eddy currents.

When the permanent magnet motor works, the motor will generate harmonics and the magnets themselves will generate skin effect, all of which will cause a lot of eddy current losses, and then the temperature of the permanent magnet increases, which causes irreversible demagnetization and affects the safety and stability of the motor operation. Therefore, the design of laminated magnet assembly is able to reduce the risk and loss, while improving the efficiency of the motor.


The eddy current simulation experiment of different permanent magnets in parts


Experiment: NdFeB N35UH magnet, dimensions: 20*160*5MM

The magnets are tested at different excitation frequencies in a non piecewise and piecewise manner.

Test Results:

The eddy current loss of the magnet decreases with increasing magnet segments

Laminated Magnet
Laminated Magnet

Technical requirements :

  1. The thickness of the insulating layers is less than 0.04 mm.

  2. At normal temperature, the bonding strength of the insulating layers can reach more than 50MPa.

  3. The maximum working temperature can reach 200°C.

  4. The total geometric tolerance is 0.05 mm.

  5. These small magnets are insulated from each other.

Features :

  1. Reduce electromagnetic eddy currents

  2. Maintain the same or even better magnetic properties for the whole magnet.

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